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Taste of Wilmington

The Taste of Wilmington Restaurant Series

Our club likes to visit various restaurants in the Wilmington and Cape Fear area for fellowship and camaraderie. This is in addition to our monthly dinner meeting, currently at Hieronymus Seafood House (except for June and July). The Taste of Wilmington goes on monthly year around. We invite persons from Meetup and others who may not be paying members yet of our club as well as our current members. This gives the public a chance to get to know our club details and meet our members informally, so they can see if they’d like to join.

Many of our club members have started their journey here at The Taste of Wilmington. They have discovered that we do many things besides skiing. Just to mention a few, we have tennis meetups, golf outings, kayak and paddle board trips, pickle-ball, light house climbs, beach outings, happy hours, and ziplining.

So, look at our current plan for this month below and some of our previous restaurant selections. If you’d like to join us this month. You can RSVP by contacting or on Meetup. You can find the latest status on our Meetup site at CapeFearSkiandOutingClub/ .

Here is a link to one of our ski trips to Snowshoe, WV awhile back watch?v=WBFR0UheFfE

Waylon Webbon

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CEVICHE’S PANAMANIAN RESTAURANT & BAR 7210 Wrightsville Ave-Wilmington June 2018

This local restaurant with a Panamanian-infused menu is appropriately named after the seafood dish, ceviche, popular in the Pacificcoastal regions of Latin America, typically made from fresh raw fish cured in citrus juices, such as lemon or lime, and spiced with ají or chili peppers. Ceviche is usually accompanied by side dishes complementing its flavors, such as sweet potato, lettuce, corn, avocado orplantain. [Source: Wikipedia]                                                                                                                              
This is our second Taste visit to CEVICHE’S, named Best of Wilmington by Wilmington Magazine in 2016, as it was definitely a crowd pleaser the first time around. We thoroughly enjoyed the fresh delectable dishes and charming tropical atmosphere - not to mention the good company! Check out their dinner menu:

Benny’s Big Time Pizzeria - January 2018

This is Vivian Howard's new restaurant in Wilmington. This spectacular restaurant just opened Dec 12th and so far, has had some great reviews both menu and service. Deep Run Roots, Vivian's new book, was the 2017 IACP Award Winner in 4 Categories: Cookbook of the Year Award, Julia Child First Book Award, Chefs & Restaurants Award and General Award.

Cape Fear Seafood - 140 Hays Ln, April 2018

We had a blast last month at the Steam Restaurant & Bar at the Embassy Suites downtown. It was special. The food was great, and the view of the Cape Fear River and ambience were superb.

This month we are going to Cape Fear Seafood in Porters Neck (near Walmart). Cape Fear Seafood is one of the premier seafood restaurants in town. It was our second choice Restaurant this month only because the first choice, the Felix Cafe, may be moving. So, we'll hold off on that one, until it is settled into the new location. Also, note, this meeting is on Wednesday, not our usual Tuesday. This is to avoid April 17th, Tax Day.

 Sample Reviews:

5 stars ... Every meal I've ever had at Cape Fear Seafood has been wonderful, and I don't even like seafood that much. 

5 stars ...  My husband got the shrimp and grits, which was supposedly one of the best in the state. He DEVOURED it, delicious!

Looks like another great venue, so come on out for a good time!!!

Blockade Runner Beach Resort, Wrightsville Beach, May 2018

We had a blast last month at the Cape Fear Seafood restaurant. The food was great and ambience superb.
This month we are going to the well know Blockade Runner Resort for dinner at Wrightsville Beach. Don’t
miss this! It is one of the premier restaurants on the Wilmington oceanfront. Sample reviews.
4/5Upscale resort restaurant offering globally inspired American cuisine & a picturesque garden deck.
4/5 Pleasantly surprised by this place. Good quality food, lovely tropical atmosphere, great service, free
valet parking. My husband and I enjoyed the vegan (coconut milk) tomato basil bisque to start, and the
fish tacos and tuna burger with garlic green beans for our entrees. My burger was on a gluten-free
sesame seed bun that tasted homemade which I much prefer over store-bought.
5/5 Wonderful atmosphere, especially on a beautiful day, knowledgeable staff and bartenders, and
delicious food, a genuine winner! I would absolutely recommend this place!!! ?????????????
Looks like another great venue so come on out for a good time!!!!