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June 2017

President’s Message:  

Even though we don’t meet in June or July you are getting a newsletter you keep you informed on all that is happening with the CFS&OC this summer. Hopefully in May you took advantage of the picnic that had to be postponed a week because of weather, or the golf outing, or the spring conference in Myrtle Beach. In June, we are looking forward to Pickleball, Kayaking, Tour de Blueberry, and later in the summer Stand Up Paddleboarding, and Biking.

I am still bummed we didn’t win for our table decoration at the Spring Conference, Bonnie & Joe did an over the top job decorating it. I think everyone that went enjoyed themselves and hopefully some will be willing to go to Gatlinburg in the fall and enjoy that conference as well.

Club Officers
Well, no new people volunteered to be on the board so you are stuck with the current slate of officers. We do need people to step up and volunteer to head events, meetings, etc. We have a wonderful club, and only you can make it better.

Reciprocal Memberships
As discussed earlier this year, Crescent recommends that our member Clubs allow members of other Crescent Clubs to participate in their trips and offer a reciprocal membership to the member of another Crescent Clubs to participate on trips offered by member Clubs.  Cape Fear Ski and Outing Club (CFS&OC) will follow this format and Reciprocal Membership will be made available to persons twenty-one (21) years of age and older who are currently a member in good standing in a Crescent Ski Council Club other than Cape Fear Ski & Outing Club (CFS&OC). The reciprocal member shall not be entitled to vote. If a Crescent member in good standing participates in a CFS&OC hosted activity, that person will be charged a $1.00 membership fee and become a CFSOC guest member during the activity.

TOW (Taste of Wilmington) June 15, 6 PM,
Come join us for a different dining experience at Porches Café in the quaint subdivision, River Bluffs, near the Northeast Cape Fear River in Castle Hayne. We will meet at the bar at 6 PM and sit down for dinner at 6:30. Weather permitting we can even sit out in the courtyard. The venue here is specialty sandwiches but on some evenings, like Thursday evening, they also serve various specialty small plates, snacks and appetizers that many locals consider fabulous meals. This venue varies weekly so cannot be predicted. As I write this, the menu consists of smoked pork cornbread sliders, roasted shrimp, chicken street tacos, baby back ribs, queso dip and more. See a summary of venue at

Directions: Porches Cafe River Bluffs 1030 Chair Rd, Castle Hayne, NC

RSVP to Waylon at or call 910-227-9009.

Fall Conference
Gatlinburg won the vote for the Fall Conference 2017. Lodging will be at the fully renovated Glenstone Lodge. The dates are October 20-22, 2017.  Information will be sent out shortly.

Tour de Blueberry
If you were at the ride and festival last year you know how much fun it is. Jack Little is once again asking for volunteers to help on Saturday June 17. Specifically, if someone could plug their Iphone with a nice music list into our sound system it would be a big help. I-phone is hidden under the console so you don't have to watch it. Needs one person for 7 to 10 and another for 10 until 1. Also, needing help with registration about 7 to 9. Sign up on-line as a volunteer and receive lunch and a shirt 

Spring/ Summer Activities

The following activities were discussed at the January meeting- more information will be coming when they are scheduled. Please note the person listed beside the activity and let them know if you are able to help them with this activity. If you’d like to do something you don’t see listed, let a board member know.

Ft Caswell Tour- Glenda Dennis (working on fall date with staff at Ft Caswell) Pickleball- Gerry Sears (currently scheduled for June 4th)

Kayak- Need a Volunteer (currently scheduled for summer months) Bike Ride- Al Bishop (currently scheduled for summer months)

Paddleboard- Karen Kenney (currently scheduled for Aug/Sept timeframe)

Pickleball Outing –June 4
Gerry Sears is pulling together our Pickleball outing on Sunday June 4th  at Brunswick Forrest from 2-4 pm and needs to know estimated interest so we’ll know how many courts to reserve. Please get up with him at and let him know if you think you can make it. We have reserved 2 courts at Brunswick Forest - Fitness Center on Brunswick Forest Parkway (Leland - behind the tennis courts, near the pool) for Sunday, June 4th between 2:00 PM & 4:00 PM.Have not heard from many interested parties as of yet. Hope to have several games and then adjourn to a nearby pub or (if there is just a small group - to our place) for a beer, wine or beverage of your choice.

Gerry Sears

Cape Fear Ski Club Kayak Trip 06-11-2017

(PLEASE RESPOND ASAP TO GO, ONLY 12 PLACES) Wow! We are having our Kayak Tour on Town Creek. We’ll meet at The Brunswick Nature Park Sunday June 11 – 1:00 PM. Now is your chance to get out on the water and join the fun. See the link below for directions.

You can call Waylon, 910-227-9009 questions. Need signup completed by June 4, if possible. Brunswick Nature Park, 2601 River Rd SE, Winnabow,

RSVP to Emma at 910-454-0607

Tour fee $49.00 per person includes: use of kayak, paddle, life jacket, basic instruction and 2-hour tour. Bring your own boat fee is $20.00 per person. If two persons bring a two person kayak the fee is $40 for the couple. There will be one or two instructor/guides depending on the number attending.

1.       Your kayak choice: Single, Double or Bringing your own.

2.       Prepayment (please try to get the prepayment in by June 4, if possible

Here are more details in Emma’s voicemail.

Hey, Waylon, this is Emma from the Adventure Kayak Company 910-450-0607. Hey, we can do Sunday June 11th that confirm two guides for 12 people, maximum 12, and I just wanted to know how many people want singles, and how many want doubles and if there's anybody bringing their own boat, but maximum 12 people  for that tour on Sunday June 11th 1 o'clock meeting at Brunswick nature park $49 if we're provide the Kayak paddle life jacket, and the tour if somebody bring their own, but that's $20 and I'm asking people to pre-pay by mailing in a check. If for some reason if the weather's bad, and we need to cancel everybody would get a refund, but I'm and do you want to have like a pre-payment. Just because we're blocking off that time for the group. So, looking good for Sunday June 11th 1 o'clock at Brunswick Nature park for the Cape Fear Ski Club and all I  need to know is how many singles we’re providing, how many doubles, and how many people are bringing their own boat. Thank you very much.

CFS&OC shirts

If you were at the March meeting you saw the shirts some members had ordered that were delivered during the meeting and saw how good they looked.

Jack Little has set up the online store for logo clothing named after Paula Sturdy who was consistently the best dressed member of our club and had magnificent logo ski clothes with the ski club emblem. You will need to set up an account when you sign on to register.

With future orders, you will be able to pick up at their factory located at 1400 Marstellar St., Wilmington, NC 28401 (thus saving shipping), or have them mailed directly to you.

More items will be added in the future (caps, toboggans, ski under garments, jackets, etc.). Questions? Contact Jack at 910-623-4484 or

Hope to see you sporting one of these at future meetings and outings. This is an easy and economical way for us to wear and promote CFS&OC!

CFS&OC pennants
What’s the best way to find you skis when you come out from lunch and there are hundreds of skis that look just like yours? Or you are looking for your buddies on the slopes and everyone is bundled up and you can tell who they are? If you have a CFS&OC pennant on the poles they are easily recognizable. Linde Johnson has a few still available at the low cost of $3 or 2 for $5. Get them before you go skiing….

Future Ski Trips
Flyers and application forms are being sent out separately to make copying them easier. Steamboat, Mammoth, and Killington are coming your way.

Member Services
Reminder if you haven’t already done so, go in and “like” the Crescent Facebook page,, and also the Crescent Racing Facebook page, We’ve posted pictures from the Spring Convention on the CSC Facebook page – make sure to check them out when you have a chance!! And check the Crescent Ski Council website, Sue Chadwick, CSC Webmaster, updates the site regularly. And also like the National Ski Council Federation page at, Federation-178192492206742/ Lots of great information from resorts and ski industry news from all over the country is added on a regular basis. 

Point 6 socks
Point 6 socks is offering all Crescent members and their friends a 25% discount on Point 6 socks. All one needs to do is use the code “CSC’ and receive a 25% discount off internet orders, For all internet orders over $50 free shipping is offered. This offer is extended to all CSC members and their friends, so spread the word. Point 6 Sock Company was started by Peter Duke who founded Smartwool Sock Company. The quality, comfort, and fit of Point 6 socks are better than what one experienced from other wool socks. 

National Ski Council Federation 

As a member of Crescent Ski Council, you are also a member of the National Ski Council Federation (“NSCF”). NSCF has some great benefits and discounts available and more are being added regularly. Check out the website, for member only benefits. The site allows you to search the benefits by category allowing you to find what you’re looking for much faster. You’ll need to register on NSCF’s website but once you’re signed up, you can take advantage of all the benefits that are available


Crescent Ski Council President Report

Hi everyone.
Summer has arrived here in the south. Hope you have some fun plans coming up during the off-season. Remember, the Crescent trips to Steamboat, Mammoth and Killington are now open for registrations as of June 1st. The website for sign-ups is These are some great trips and hope a lot of you can join us. Please spread the word to your Clubs.

Attached is the June President’s Update. Please post to your Clubs’ websites, Newsletters, Social Media sites, and direct your members to Crescent’s website, The Updates are posted there each month.

Thanks and any questions, please let me know.

Pat Harvey
Crescent Ski Council
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